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Default my 2 cents... no wait... dollar value is down... 1.2 cents

Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
It's funny, because a bunch of members thought the same thing, then began posting comparison photos with the TOS E, and the neck/secondary hull placement isn't that far off at all. But other proportion ratios make it look a bit different than if you isolate the two designs at the neck joint.

I agree with that, but even from the standpoint of someone seeing this ship and not knowing at all what the old one looks like can see the dish area seems out of place and sticks out too far on this design, if they just look long enough and compare the ratios of the other parts... and that does not erase the fact that if you photoshop this version and move just the saucer and neck forward a bit it looks a billion times better.

I just don't understand how they could not see this flaw being that they wanted a more 'streamlined' version. Stretching it out too much would be an easier mistake than making it look squished together like crumpled paper. (saucer pushed back/nacelles pinched closer together)

Just my opinion, I'll still buy the DVD of the movie but I won't be buyin the ship toy like I was going to... unless someone does a mod of it with the saucer/neck fixed and puts it on ebay... HINT HINT.

And maybe, though this is hoping for too much, a really dedicated fan with uber skill will do a fan edit version of the movie at some point with a new ship and actual color overlaid on the uber boring white interior sets... uuungh. iBridge... *pukes* lol

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