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I'm hopeful that it'll be a rewarding, enjoyable and successful film.
I won't anticipate it with absolutely boundless, blissful abandon though - I'll approach it cautiously and conservatively, without giving in to the urge to get wildly excited over it.

Think about it this way... there's a chance, however remote we might think it, that the film simply won't be that great. There's also a chance that it'll be merely good, without being exceptional. Then finally there's the possibility that it'll be phenomenal in a way that's almost mind-blowing...
But if you spend months expecting the latter, then anything less will disappoint you deeply. But if you simply hope for an enjoyable film, then you won't run the risk of letting down by your own unrealistic, nostalgia-tinted hopes and fanboyish imaginings. Too much optimism can, sometimes, be another way of setting yourself up for disappointment, especially when you allow something to 'inflate' within your mind, into something far larger than life.

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