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Default Unconditional Love for this film ... anyone?

Who out there can't wait to see this film and knows they will Love it no matter what they see?

Reboot, Not Canon, Rip-off .... Whatever.

I've seen the trailers and cast photos and I am personally thrilled. The actors may not look exactly like TOS and the ship and effects are more realistic. I feel they are trying to catch the spirit of TOS and even if the story is out of synch with Trek history I'm loving what I have seen so far.

Captian Pike is in it ..... Too Cool!
Kirk is getting it on ..... Sweet
Uhura takes her top off ..... Tasty
Spock gets angry ...... Badass

I love everything trek and have not missed seeing a single feature on the big screen. I'm hoping for IMAX!

Even if it is the worst Star Trek project ever made ..... That's not bad either.

Who out there agrees with me?

Lastly, I've seen a lot of post with the word Frack in it. Frack is BSG so Truck Off ! Keep this site free other SF series/films.
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