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Originally Posted by TroubledTribble View Post
I have replica models of all of the Enterprises, except the "D", I really HATED the look of that pregnant guppie saucer. And the sad thing is, that was the last ship Gene Roddenberry had any input on the design of. I like this new ship for two reasons. 1) It looks "enough" like the old "E" to suit me. 2) They have made it look like a truly functional ship. Hasn't any of you thought, 'How in the hell can the Bussard collectors collect or emit any type to space gases if they are covered over???' Sorry, but I'm an old Navy man and I was a radar and weapons system technician for the ten years I was enlisted and common sense tells you that for gases to be collected or emitted there has to be openings to space.
So yes, I do like the new "E" because someone with common sense and technical know how designed this ship to answer all these questions. This ship doesn't look like a model, it looks real and functional!!!!
I had an adverse reaction to the "D" as well but it eventually grew on me.

The new re-envisioned Enterprise does look more functional like the refit version from the movies. I was always bothered by the lack of detail of the original from the 60s. Especially when they fired weapons. There was never a clear indication where the weapons were coming from. Atleast now you can see the phaser banks and the torpedo tubes.
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