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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
One of my friends after seeing the trailer:
"If I wouldn't know that this is Star Trek, then after seeing this trailer I would probably watch it. But I've never liked Star Trek, so I'm not interested."

I guess the marketing campaign has to point out that this will be different
This illustrates a point I've been pushing for a long time. The fact that it carries the name is going to turn people off. The fact that almost all it carries is the name is going to turn others off.

J.J. apparently never heard the phrase, "**** or get off the pot." He's trying to pull a dodge where he's making Star Trek, but not making Star Trek, and this is the result. Star Trek fans won't go because it isn't made for them. Non-fans won't go because it still (almost) looks like it was made for Trek fans.
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