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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Soooo, these Trek haters that have never watched Trek, they refuse to watch Trek because they are afraid the "nerds" will make fun of them for not understanding it??

It's not about being "better" or "more intelligent" than NON-fans, it is however about enjoying more than shallow entertainment. I enjoy a mindless "reality" show every once in awhile (think: Tila Tequila), but do you think the average "reality" junky would give Trek a chance? The "nerd" or "brainy" stereotype exists for a reason. It is NOT accurate, but exists because Trek, in many instances, requires a more thoughtful viewer in order to be appreciated. Plain and simple.
I'm sure some people that don't really understand Star Trek are intimidated by fans that do and if no one explains it to them they may not want to watch the show. I singled you out because of this comment you made:
Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Tell your your friend to shove his small minded attitude up his a*s!!

When people I know diss on Trek, when they haven't even watched it, I NEVER hesitate to defend it. I usually tell them that it is not surprising that they don't like drame that requires some thought.
Would you really want to watch a show after someone said that to you? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you are one of these fans that thinks they are better then the "average" person but I have meet some of these people and the way some folks on this board write they seem to fall in that category as well. When I meet those fans I feel that it's because of them Trekkies are given a bad name and why I have to always explain to non Star Trek fans we are not all like that. Don't forget the amount of Star Trek material out there I'm sure intimidates people and makes them not even want to get started, plus all the detail nitpicking. I agree with the rest of your point about reality TV but to each there own.

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