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Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
Migelda, it's long been discussed that the movie WILL start as a "beginnings" story about Kirk, Spock, how they get into Starfleet, etc. You're only seeing a small piece of that. Hang loose, you'll see in May.
For the last time I know this! I knew this! I wanted this to happen! Hell, I even wrote a fan fic a long time ago when I was in junior high about the early years of Kirk.

It's not the plot that's making me cringe.

It's just the cheesiness of that scene in the beginning of the trailer. The little boy Kirk involved in some action adventure movie moment where he's in a high speed chase, drives it off the cliff, and dives in slo mo back, and then "I'm James Tiberius Kirk!"

It just seemed cheesy is all.

Really I'm defending this movie like crazy here. It was just that scene.
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