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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
Perhaps some people are turned off by Star Trek because of comments made like this by Trek fans. I've noticed that some people in the Trek fan community seem to think they are better then other people who don't watch Trek because if you watch Trek you are more intelligent then others. Not to mention all the cannon arguments that go on (in the end it is just fiction). I can see why non Star Trek fans maybe turned off.

Soooo, these Trek haters that have never watched Trek, they refuse to watch Trek because they are afraid the "nerds" will make fun of them for not understanding it??

It's not about being "better" or "more intelligent" than NON-fans, it is however about enjoying more than shallow entertainment. I enjoy a mindless "reality" show every once in awhile (think: Tila Tequila), but do you think the average "reality" junky would give Trek a chance? The "nerd" or "brainy" stereotype exists for a reason. It is NOT accurate, but exists because Trek, in many instances, requires a more thoughtful viewer in order to be appreciated. Plain and simple.
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