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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Tell your your friend to shove his small minded attitude up his a*s!!

When people I know diss on Trek, when they haven't even watched it, I NEVER hesitate to defend it. I usually tell them that it is not surprising that they don't like drame that requires some thought.

I have actually turned a number of people into Trek fans, they just had to give it a chance.
Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
In my opinion, many people don't like TV shows that are thought provoking. Trek is a drama first, then sci-fi second, in my opinion. Many, many episodes deal with moral issues and parallel our current time. Many "average" tv viewers don't like to have their own views or thoughts challenged, they prefer mindless entertainment. Many people have simply said they thought Trek was too boring. They watch a couple of minutes then change the channel.
Perhaps some people are turned off by Star Trek because of comments made like this by Trek fans. I've noticed that some people in the Trek fan community seem to think they are better then other people who don't watch Trek because if you watch Trek you are more intelligent then others. Not to mention all the cannon arguments that go on (in the end it is just fiction). I can see why non Star Trek fans maybe turned off.
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