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Originally Posted by Beetlescott View Post
I have never been able to understand the "geek" "nerd" "loser" "loner" names that some people give Star Trek fans. I am not either of those, I am a very outgoing person, I have friends and a wonderful wife and kids, who started watching Star Trek at an early age. (neither of which became Trekkies). My wife doesn't watch Trek but she doesn't hate it either, she will go to the movie and see it the first time. If I hear people dowing Star Trek, I would defend it also. I agree that most people who jump in line to bash it, have never actually given it a chance.
In my opinion, many people don't like TV shows that are thought provoking. Trek is a drama first, then sci-fi second, in my opinion. Many, many episodes deal with moral issues and parallel our current time. Many "average" tv viewers don't like to have their own views or thoughts challenged, they prefer mindless entertainment. Many people have simply said they thought Trek was too boring. They watch a couple of minutes then change the channel.
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