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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
Man, since this trailer's come out I've seen the phrase 'get a life' on here about ten times daily. It's time we came up with a new put-down.
In my many years of fandom, I've been called many things. I've been called a Sci-Fi Geek, a Trek Nerd, A Trekkie (a personal badge of honor for me.), been told to "get a life", and have now been labelled a "Canonite", just because I like to watch Star Trek, and dream that humanity could one day actually travel to the stars, and we could make life a bit better both by doing it, and from doing it. Where's the foolishness in that? What is so awful about that? What about that makes us Geeks, Weirdos and Nerds? I think the people doing the name calling are the ones who need to "get a life". Surely they have something better to do with their own all to brief lives than call us names.
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