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Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
I think we are forgetting one VERY essential piece of information here.
The car in the trailer ends up sailing over a cliff!
That, to me, is not something that would happen if Kirk were a good driver.
Hmmm, I might disagree with that on one count: if any 'average driver' here tried this stunt, they would be tumbling over the edge right after the Corvette. Cutting it that close and making a clean escape would require excellent judgment, vision, timing, vehicle management, etc.

And given how he drives the car as a kid, how he speeds along on his bike as an adult, Kirk seems no stranger at all to high speed driving skills -- one can assume gained by substantial experience.

I still believe he's wrecking the car -- and not wrecking himself -- very much on purpose, and all at the car owner's expense. Think but can't prove, of course!

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