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Just for equal airtime: let's not judge those who aren't liking what they see so far as not being "true fans". There is no one definition of a "true fan" of TREK -- just read any thread on this board for proof -- since after four decades and multiple incarnations, it all boils down to personal preference.

Fans who aren't thrilled by what they're seeing are still fans, and many ARE keeping an opening mind about seeing the film when it opens. Some have closed minds about it already, that's true. But it's a small fraction of the fanbase, and if they don't want to be reached, that's their choice. But they still like whatever aspect of TREK that brought them here, and that can't be denied.

But we shouldn't devaluate their fandom any less than the detractors have no right to devalue the new film's supporters. Infinite diversity, and all that -- and if one is a 'true fan', then one has to support that idea of infinite opinions at least.

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