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Default A skeptic no more

From the time I first learned Abrams was at the helm of the franchise, I was probably the hardest to convince that he was actually going to pull this off. In fact, I have posted in many forums suggesting that he was going to treat Star Trek to yet another Hollywood Hump and Dump and leave fans alienated and angry. It was refreshing to see that what we got was a triple-shot espresso with a redbull chaser. Wow! Friggin' awesome! The interior shots of the new Enterprise were crisp, vital, mysterious, yet sophisticated. It felt like that "X" factor that we all didn't realize we needed until we finally got it, then wondered how we ever lived without it. No longer do the corridors of the enterprise look like the hallways of a Red Roof Inn (1701-D). And the characters; wow, again! Spock's violent side! Sulu plummeting along side the alien drilling machine; they are actually heros again. I guess I'd forgotten they could be more than simply console-jockey's deciding the fate of their foes with a push of the "fire phaser" button in front of them. They have actually re-introduced real risk to the equation. I know we have all just seen snippets of what is yet to be and that is ok. Based on what I have seen, I am sold and very thirsty for more. Thank you sir, may I have another.
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