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I have loved trek since I was young, completely wowed by these stories, this ship, this crew....

I have been enjoying this website since it first came online, I signed up to see and to enjoy all the manips and other artwork, slowly my anticipation has been building, the wow factor when the first trailer was released, my dejection when the film was moved to a May '09 release, to my initial shock over what they had done to our Enterprise......

None of this spurred anything in me to need to actually post, just sat back and enjoyed the infomation passed down.

I have seen the new trailer, the new site....

I can't believe it, but I really think they did it, the wow factor is back, spent all evening showing the new high def trailer to my flat, on the strength of that I now have at least 2 more people going with me.

I'm more excited than a kid on christmas eve....

Just want to share the happiness and the excitement that I'm once again feeling, congratulate the website boys on a job well done and a big thank you to the posters here keeping me entertained in between now and the release.

Spockboy your video should come with a warning: not to be watched while idly drinking coffee....... good work mate.

And on a footnote hi
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