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Originally Posted by Grelev View Post
That's a good point. I've always seen it as such: the show was made for an American audience. Later it was dubbed so people could watch it in other languages. I have a hard time figuring that the language of the future won't be English, so I assume (yeah yeah I know what can of worms that opens) that others have just as hard a time imagining the language of the future being different from the one they speak. To the point, I always imagined that people in Trek spoke a totally different language than English. Maybe a future language that was adopted as Earth Standard, or even Federation standard! I figure the signs are only shown in English for our benefit, just as lots of the alien dialogue is in English for our benefit (the universal translater is handy, but it's not omnipresent).

Somebody let me know if this doesn't make sense; I'm tired and I dunno how coherent I am lol.
Makes sense to me
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