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Originally Posted by AJBlue98 View Post
IIRC, the subject of starship diversity has been explored in canon before, although I forget exactly where. It seems to me that no starship is crewed entirely by members of one race or another (dialog to the contrary would seem to indicate a use of slight hyperbole on the part of the speaker); rather starships are staffed at a diversity of around ten per cent, therefore on the Enterprise, for instance, there would be one alien crewmember for every nine humans. I seem to recall that this allowed personnel to serve a majority of their time around their own species, in order to maintain a healthy comfort level, while allowing those who elected to do so, to serve among relative aliens.

Also, from a practical standpoint, if interspecies conflict ever did give rise to an us/them fracturing of a ship's crew, the majority species should have sufficient numbers to maintain control of the ship until a starbase can be reached and arbitration could be held. Then again, with this particular staffing system, that kind of thing should never happen, again on account of the numbers involved.
I am not familiar with the source for those statistics. Are they canon or do they come from a semi-canon source?

In terms of interspecies conflict, by the time of Kirk or later Jean Luc Picard these species had been interacting together for a few centuries. Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and other members had whole generations born knowing nothing but the Federation. The first years of a combined Federation Starfleet probably had some interspecies conflicts, but those incidents would probably be nothing but a historical footnote by the 24th Century.
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