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Originally Posted by United Federation View Post
IIRC, that ship was the USS T'kumbra. A Nebula-class starship.

Personally, I don't like the message that things like that send. The United Federation of Planets is supposed to be a inclusive, democratic government that values diversity. The very idea that ships would be crewed solely by one species is troubling.…

IMO, the only movie that came close to showing the diversity of the Federation was ST: The Voyage Home. The scences of the Federation Council show a VERY diverse group, including all of the races I list above and more. If the government is diverse, why can't Starfleet be?
IIRC, the subject of starship diversity has been explored in canon before, although I forget exactly where. It seems to me that no starship is crewed entirely by members of one race or another (dialog to the contrary would seem to indicate a use of slight hyperbole on the part of the speaker); rather starships are staffed at a diversity of around ten per cent, therefore on the Enterprise, for instance, there would be one alien crewmember for every nine humans. I seem to recall that this allowed personnel to serve a majority of their time around their own species, in order to maintain a healthy comfort level, while allowing those who elected to do so, to serve among relative aliens.

Also, from a practical standpoint, if interspecies conflict ever did give rise to an us/them fracturing of a ship's crew, the majority species should have sufficient numbers to maintain control of the ship until a starbase can be reached and arbitration could be held. Then again, with this particular staffing system, that kind of thing should never happen, again on account of the numbers involved.
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