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Originally Posted by WildGunsTomcat View Post
Canon is for the birds.

If you lock yourself into something like Canon you're asking for creative deadlock.

And that's all it is guys...a story. People take show history way too seriously. And honestly that's why Trek nerds get a bad rap...they take this stuff WAY too seriously.
I agree. The devil is in the details. As long as Major trek history is observed, the ship, uniforms, phasers, Romulans, etc... can look however JJ wants. We know Spock is half human and half Vulcan. Check!! We know the T. in James T. Kirk stand for Tiberius. Check!! We know it's "phasers" and "photon torpedos", not lasers and nuclear missiles. Check!! We know it's called a transporter and not a teleporter. Check!!! Get my point?

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