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For me, the pylons and nacelles tie for worst, but while we're at it, the secondary hull is all out of proportion. The neck I can live with and frankly I always thought the neck of the original model was too flimsy to really work. Hey, even in space there are Newtonian forces to be reconciled with an a skinny (to paraphrase Fred Blasse) pencil-neck just won't cut it. Saucer is OK- probably the best part of it.

Look, I just can't see them putting so much effort and hype into this model to just trash it in the course of the film and surprise us with a different one later on. The Enterprise from TOS will never be seen on film again- it just wouldn't make any sense after this one.

Again, I'm not as disturbed by the ship as I am by the historical changes made in the storyline. If we are to accept those changes, then the ship should be the least of our concerns.
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