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I think that it is not so much a "reboot" as an "upgrade." They needed to make the new E look as if it were really from the 23rd century. To do that, the old designs had to be left behind for the most part. The new E is loosely based on the original, but still has the same spirit. One of the most important things today is believability. People just want to look at something on screen and say "yeah, I think that could work." The original, although a very nice design that I enjoy to this day, is not very believable in today's mindset. I think JJ took this into account when he ok'ed the design for this E. I think what will happen is that this new Enterprise will be the "original" and later, maybe 3-4 movies down the line (depending on if we get that far), another Enterprise will be made that is supposed to be the "refit" version that looks very much like TMP E only with upgrades as well.
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