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I'm going to wait and see - if I'm sold on the movie, I'll adjust to the look of the new ship. I remember going to see The Motion Picture when it first came out in 1979, and feeling a real sense of disconnect between the series and the film - the special effects were too good, the ship was too modified, and I came away thinking that they couldn't really be part of the same storyline. Of course, I got over it - after all, the cast was the same, and - crucially - the story took place AFTER the events of the series, rather than before.

What I'm having trouble visualizing, given the images we've seen, is how the ship from the new movie gets "upgraded" at some later point into the original 1960s Matt Jefferies design. It would have to be simplified, the engines made smaller, the pylons straightened, and so on - and those would have to be improvements of some sort. That goes for the inside as well - the movie bridge not only looks newer and more advanced, but a hell of a lot bigger. So how do we fit the two together? (Or if - despite Abrams' insistence - this is in fact a complete reboot, do we really need to try?)
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