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The saucer is okay. I find the lower side a little odd looking. The original had this ring, curved inwards, know what I mean? But overall the saucer looks good.

The neck looks silly. Its design makes not much of sense in my eyes. What I really cant stand about it is the torpedo launcher. Sticks out like a dill pickle.

The whole engeneering section, thats where my eyes start to hurt. Completely out of proportion.

The pylons for the nacelles are the worst. Did anyone beside me realize that the nacelles are far closer together now. I never liked how far at aft the pylons where attached to engeneering on the original ship. The new design has the pylons even further at the aft. I wonder where that leaves enough room for a shuttlebay. The power for the nacelles must flow somewhere through shuttlebay, left and right of the landing plattform. Considering the risk of a mishap during the landing process of a shuttlecraft - I would rather not want to collide with a tube that channels plasma carrying enough energy to make warp coils bend time and space. The bang should make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like camp fires in comparision.

The nacelles are okay. But the bussard collectors lack detail and just dont look real. They appear like a part of a toy.

The overall silhouette just doesnt work for me.

But I must say: The CGI is absolutely amazing, fantastic and breath taking. This is the first time I see CGI and like it. Seems CGI finally grew up and reached true photorealism. Phantastic!
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