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Originally Posted by wayne1701 View Post
If you look at the last part of the trailer when we see the front of the ship the engines do have fins, they are a bit hard to make out because of the prespective its in, but they are deffently there. And also i look at the Kelvin and this new pic of the enterprise, there is something bugging me, the quality of the Kelvin is so much better than the quality of that on the Enterprise, so is this actually the new enterprise, or something to throw us off the scent? any oppinions on this?
Having seen the trailer, all I can say is you can't judge by the still photos.

Analysis and discussion of the Enterprise photo clarify a couple major points: the angle of the shot skews the proportions of the ship, unlike a straight side-shot would display it correctly; also, the nacelles are not glowing so the shot doesn't even appear to be a completed efx shot... unlike the Kelvin photos, which appear to be still frames from the final film sequence itself.

It all looks good in the trailer, though. Having said that, the Kelvin sequence is going to kick major booty, no doubt.

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