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Originally Posted by Juan Martinez View Post
That was my idea from another thread. I guess where the Kelvin is destroyed, the change in the timeline changed how the constitution class was planned. Instead of an exploration ship, it is now more of a battleship. I also think the reason it is more TMP like is because the constrution date got pushed back. By pushing it back, Robert April never gets command, its given directly to Pike. Also, because it was pushed back, they where able to impliment more TMP tech instead of TOS tech. Thats why it looks more like TMP than TOS. Nobody really like my idea in the other forum. This all assumes that the Kelvin wasn't destroyed in the original timeline. What date the Kelvin is destroyed may also have an impact.
Sounds like a sound theory; it brings to mind the changes which were forced upon Starfleet by the disapearance of the Enterprise C in Yesterdays Enterprise. Assuming of course that the destruction of the Kelvin did not occur in the original timeline.
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