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Originally Posted by WildGunsTomcat View Post
Hey, if they can talk garbage so can I. And I used my 15 minutes of trash talk to tell them to stop trash talking in the most detractful and untactful way possible. So what? Am I here to make you happy with my posts...Negative. hate me because I told you where to stick it with your pro-obama nonsense. Let's call a spade a spade pun intended.
Oh, I really don't care about your stance on Obama or McCain. That's past us ... well, me, anyway ... and I've moved on. I certainly wouldn't hate you because you're misinformed. "Hate" is too strong a word and used too liberally.

It is interesting to me how hypocritical you've made yourself sound in this thread. I'm not happy with you and I'm not angry with you. I don't care about this enough to have an opinion about you personally. However, as I said above, your point was lost in the presentation. Complaining about people who talk trash and complain in detractful and untactful ways doesn't work if you talk trash and complain in a detractful and untactful way while you're doing it. With this thread, you don't come across as someone who should be taken seriously.
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