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Default How Petty Can You Get? Seriously?

I've seen a number of threads saying that the new ship isn't anything like the old one. Isn't that the point guys? And then you cry and cry about how it doesn't look canon. Have you even seen the movie yet? All the reviews I've been getting from people that have seen the trailer and early screenings can't stop saying enough about it.

Yet you guys...and you know who you are...are still spouting your hatred and abuse of this new venture. Why don't you chill out and if you don't have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

Another one is this "I want this movie to fail" crap.

The days of TNG and even TOS are over folks. It's time for new things.

Otherwise, just let Star Trek die...I'm sick of the whiners over canon and stuff. Grow up. It's a STORY it's NOT REAL.

Good Day.