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Originally Posted by JabYerWocky View Post
I decided not to see Cloverfield after two of my friends saw it and had to leave early. The handheld camera perspective was too much for them, made them disoriented, and gave them headaches. One of them threw up in the trash can as he left. I decided it jsut wasnt worth it.
Remember Blair Witch Project? That made me really sick... and spooked my little sister and me for the whole summer. Hated dark doorways.

Oh and wait more than an hour after eating a big meal before you go on the simulator ride at Star Trek the Experience... Usually I'm pretty good and enjoyed it, but my queasiness almost got in the way near the end.
I've seen a handful of movies in a theater setting more than once...that's because half of them were free. When you are or/ have had involvement with the film making business in any degree you get invited to free screenings. Sucks for me now... I'm too busy to take up most of the offers. I work 7 days a week almost.... no time to watch the movies I want to see...even though I have the dough for it. I've been on a dvd buying binge(mostly used) to make up for it.
All artists are obssesive compulsive... its what keeps us going!
The science inspires the dream, the dream creates the art...the art fuels the dream and continues to inspire the science!

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