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Scene 1: Child Kirk racing car deliberately towards cliff, essentially playing chicken, then at last minute does a slo-mo leap away from the car and onto the ground but misjudges it and slides over the edge of the cliff but catches himself before falling. Some kind of cop pulls up on a terrific floating motorcycle and says something. I saw the cop and went WTF?!? He was wearing full body armor, including a techno metal faceplate that reminded me of a mask combined with Geordie's visor combined with a borg ocular implant. During the chase you can see in the far distance what I think is the start of the scaffolding to construct the Enterprise.

Later on, you get a scene that reminded me of Top Gun where he was on the motorcycle watching the runway, but instead was watching the ship being built - extremely similar to the January teaser, but showing the full ship from starboard bow ground.

There was a red alert scene, the interior of the Enterprise has rounded walls like in Enterprise, but everything is a smooth pristine white that could have been from the clone factory in Star Wars.

There was a scene where they space-dived onto the Romulan drilling platform and by a chain that looked like some kind of funky techno barbed wire greatly enlarged.

There was a scene of the Kelvin starting to explode.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the trailer though the scenes were only seconds long at best, sometimes only fractions of a second. For a good impression you really need to wait for the HD version and get frameshots (which I intend to do the day it's up).
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