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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
Well, I just got back from a sneak preview of Bond and I feel so jipped! I sat through 8 previews, count'em 8, mostly crap and no Trek. I'm assuming cause it was a sneak preview. Didn't make any sense, I got to see a preview for the Fast and Furiouser or whatever the hell they're calling those now but no Trek!
That's right....
I was a manager at a Tinseltown Theatre.
Frequently the trailers are dispensed according to how many trailers they have. The least number of trailers would mean they would go into the bigger houses of the theatre....'s a sneeak's not going into a Big Auditorium....
Why because it's out on thurday not Friday.

Movie Theatres change movies at night on thursday. They move the old movies out of the big Auditoriums on thurday nights and into the small auditoriums to make room for the new movies.

So...the probably didn't have time to put on all the trailers....It does take time to splice them to the movie.

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