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Originally Posted by Damage75 View Post
......from the producer and star of Star Trek Phase II James Cawley, who had seen the design of the new E last year.

It's a good read, and hopefully will inspire some confidence in the doubters out there, especially those worried about canon!
I thought he was actually a moderate….
But he linked Joel Schumacher’s Batmans with Tim Burton’s Batman’s….as if they were they were…all Tim Burtons…
That’s like only recognizing the good and not the bad. Is he really moderate?
I don’t know…

He was truthful.

Neither was this person that saw the movie in the prescreening. I mean really....that's 7 months before the movie ever comes out....this person on the forums that has seen the movie must be pretty high up on someone's favorite list in order to get a seat next to J.J.

I doubt they'd come on the Paramount forum and bash it...
this maybe a hired employee or something...but all this OVER positive flow of's feels a little forced.

I'll remain impartial because it's JJ...
All bets are off once the lights go down.

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