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Default New-E, Look at it in another way

I've been thinking about the look of the new Enterprise and have been coming up with some ideas on accepting it instead of the of whole cannon/original/batman debate. Here is what I have thought of.

1. If the technology and funding was available, would the original Enterprise looked more different. It did in TMP for the big screen with better tech and better funding. I doubt many people would want to see the original 60's enterprise on screen that looks outdated, they want something more modern. I think of it like this, it doesn't matter what the ship looked liked, its about the story of her adventures. If you cut and paste in the new ship and backgrounds/bridge in with the old footage, the story would still be the same.

2. It would make more since that the refit of the new enterprise wouldn't be hard to make it into the TMP Enterprise. Not such a drastic change.

3. As for keeping with cannon, I have only one idea who the movie would stay in with cannon. Of course, we all know it envolves time travel. If Nero, Spock, or whoever travels back in time, probably before Kirk was born and changed the timeline from that point, it would have changed the planning stages of the constition class starship. The purpose may have been changed from exploration to warship. It would only take a small change that would have thrown off the whole ship. It may have thrown off the construction date from Robert April's time to Pike's time. Because of this, it is closer to TMP technology timeframe and the ship was built with more TMP tech than the TOS stuff.

4. Thats the way the ship looked when she was first built, then it was refitted to the original 60's design. I don't know why it would take a step back then 2 steps forward again to TMP. This idea doesn't make much since.
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