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Originally Posted by T'Aerwynd View Post
I think you're wrong. People are losing the fundamental truths of Trek in the trivial details of a movie -- a "can't see the forest for the trees" scenario at its worst. I have said it many times before, but once more won't kill me: Trek is bigger than ship design, uniform design, who went to the Academy with who and when, etc. Trek (in all its incarnations) is the stories, the people, the wonder of exploring the unknown. It is literally the embodiment of everything humanity has thought since the first erect humans looked up at the stars and wondered what the heck they were and what was out there. The trivial details of a movie, the overzealous canon purists ... they won't change what Trek is at its most fundamental.
I agree with you 100%, But I also know what I like and dislike. I dislike the new bridge, it will make me gag when I see it for the first time on the bigscreen. The new E didn't sit well with me either when I first saw it, now it seems to have grown on me a bit. Trivial details ARE irrelevant. MAJOR details are important. Most arguments are about what is trivial and what is major.
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