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Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
On the other hand, all motion is relative, and there are indeed a number of fans freely admitting today that they have stopped in their tracks and will refuse to follow TREK into next May or beyond, without even giving the final film a fair look.

Indeed, those fans are leaving themselves behind in self-exile. It's their right to do so, naturally, but that choice is not TREK's fault nor the new filmmakers' responsibility.
And why are we doing that? Because the product is unsatisfactory. Who's responsible for the quality of the product? Oh, yes, that's right -- the filmmakers.

When an automaker produces an unpopular vehicle, no one claims it's the public's fault that it doesn't sell. Abrams has as much as admitted that he's not producing this film for Star Trek fans. That's like Ford coming out with a car, but, oh Gosh, they're not making it for people who like cars. Claiming that people who like cars are to blame if it doesn't sell is about the equivalent of what you're doing here, and it makes absolutely no sense. O.o
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