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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Lots of great work to me, but I can't draw a stick man!! I think he has a lot of interesting concept ideas that maybe are different, but remember in a film, it's people like the director who agree to use them as well, even if they are out there a bit.
Its okay, his works are anything then bad. And that he is a great painter should be a given for a designer.

However, non of his designs focus on practicability, not a bit. If you where a guy like me, that loves practical designs that appear real, then you would also find a distaste in Churches approach.

Thats what I mean with saying his designs where naive, awkward and odd. They are phaszinating, but everything is out of proportion, many parts make no sense whatsoever. A lot of details that serve no obvious purpose at all. And thats the difference between an Enterprise designed by Matt Jeffreys, an airplane engenier, and a redesign of that Enterprise by Ryan Chruch, a pure artist designer. Take a look at this airplane again! It sure doesnt look as if it would ever fly in reality.

In conclusion: J.J. can never have hired Church for redesigning the E in regards of the feeling-real-factor. J.J. and church worked together on Transformers. Church got hired for the comic-factor. Wich is fine, if one appreciates comic style naivity, and it definatly does have a charme - in movies as Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow, a movie I like a lot for what it is. Its just not what I expect of Star Trek in my book. Thats all.

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