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As I said somewhere else, I dont trust modern day movie makers a bit. I read all their marketing blah, blah to filter out some infos and ignore all the rest about how awesome it is to work on such a popular franchise, how trustfull everyone treats the original, how real and big and great everything is and will turn out, what an honor it was to work with... yadda, yadda, yadda.

The same for blogs as or any blog. I filter the infos, try to take a catch of new pics, etc. All just to prepare for the worst.

Thats what I did with The Dark Knight and heck was that movie great.

Lets say I had a very bad feeling about Indy IV and I have a very bad feeling about this Trekmovie too. At the moment chances are fiftie:fiftie. Very likely possible I will not see it in cinemas and watch it on DVD one day or *cough* you know, find other ways to test wether my judgement was right or wrong.
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