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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
I dun know, Captain Mouse. First of all, Star Trek fans come from so many different backgrounds, different countries, different cultures, generations, political sides... impossible to reach a consensus. And who really would want a consensus anyway? Consensus is lame, unreal, impossible to reach no matter what the subject is. Wherever there is a consensus there will also be something foul. I dont trust consensus.

However, the fact that some fans dont like the new ship... wasnt that to be expected?

I dont like the ship either. I hate it. It makes me sick. Not for being new, just for hurting my eyes. Looking at it feels like watching someone puting his own shoulder out of joint and back again - its sickening.
But thats me and my very personal taste.

Whenever there is something new you will have people that like it and people that hate it. It just sucks to be the one that hates the new thing.

However, I do love what I hear about the story of the movie so far. Means, I may love the movie for the characters, the adventure the story.

But this ship? Lets see. As soon as I get used to the sight of a human shoulder put out of joint I will let you folks know.
I by no means am looking for concensus. That is one can 'o' worms left unopened. I was more or less curious. I have seen what had potential go out the door because of negative fan reaction...uh scratch that..."public reaction."

Who hear remembers Buck Rogers or The Six Million Dollar Man? Or even the great Superman boycott in Sweden?
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