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Originally Posted by CAPTAIN MOUSE View Post
A darkness has befallen the Trek Universe. A small group of supporters have been blindsided it seems by an onslaught of verbal venom spewed from zealots with a narrow focus on the future of a legacy.
How many threads whining about fans whining can this board support? Yes, I am disappointed in the design of the bridge and the ship. Yes, I love the look of the cast and crew and uniforms. Yes, I will go see the movie, probably many many times. But to attack others with name calling and insults for giving their opinions on an open forum, I think is unnecessary. Can people go overboard with their criticisms? Sure. But that's what you get in a public place like this. If you don't like what they say, ignore it. I don't think we need to have a dozen threads complaining about it.

OK Sorry, Just had to speak up
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