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At the moment the reson WHY I feel a lot of fans are reacting the way they are is simply because they have nothing really to go on. Apart from a few pictures that have been released over the past few weeks. The fans know that it's going to be different from what everyone expects and now with the release of the pic of the Enterprise. A lot of people are worried about change. Don't forget pnly A very small number of people in the world have had the privalege of seeing some footage. So only they can give their opinion on what it's going to be like.
I understand where the fans are coming from. Infact If I didn't have the pleasure of seeing the footage myself then I think maybe I too would react in a similer way (maybe not as drastic as some have)
After tomorrow when the rest of the world gets to finally see what Trek is going to be like I think a lot of fans will calm down and realise. THIS ISNT GOING TO BE BAD AT ALL. Once again, I'll say this. Wait untill you see the trailer and some footage.
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