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I have to admit I wasn't sure when I first saw the new Enterprise design. However, I think it will grow on me once I've seen her in action. I agree with what has been said elsewhere that you can't condemn the design or the whole film based solely on one still image showing her from just the one angle.
I'm wiling to give TPTB the benefit of the doubt and wait to see her in motion on the big screen.
For what it's worth, I've always thought the Enterprise-E looked better in action than in a still photograph, but that's just me.

One final point off-topic, regarding canon - can I just say that everything introduced into Star Trek effects canon in some way. For example no one mentioned the Klingons for the first twenty-odd episodes of the Original Series and yet when the do appear, suddenly they're a long-time adversary of the Federation, with hostilities going back decades. You'd have thought someone in say, "Arena" would've suggested them as possible suspects for the attack on Cestus III before it turned out to be the Gorn.

Anyway....I'll still be going to see the film with an open mind as I hope many others on here will too!
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