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I'm from the UK and the same thing happened to Doctor Who (which remember is the oldest, longest running most succesful sci fi series on tv ever!!)

They changed everything even the sacred Tardis (though they didnt change the exterior I'll grant you that)

Doctor Who was in the same place as Star Trek is now, dead in the water.
We had dvd's, reruns on satellite channels but us fans were thought of as nerdy and sad.

Then they brought us new WHO and its become more succesful than it was before!!!
It even made the news on all channels at prime time when he was supposedly going to regenerate.

nobody complains because we are just grateful that its become COOL again and the fall out from it is is that the CLASSIC series is more popular than its ever been because all the kids want to see the old ones.

We original fans still have our CLassic series (and to be honest I think they are better) but you also have the option to watch all new Who if you want.

So go see this film and if you dont like it you dont have to buy the dvd or go see any more and you can watch all the classic episodes every day for ever.

And it can live alongside this new improved Trek in harmony just like the Star Trek universe should be.
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