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Originally Posted by MonsieurHood View Post
Star Trek Is different from Batman, it isn't literary based, it's media based.
Books are a medium. TV is a medium. It's all "media based", just with regard to different media.
A new continuity has been created, and everything we know about what occured during the original five year mission, and what happened in the lives of the TOS characters has been wiped from existance
No, it hasn't. It's still all there; Paramount's not gonna organise book-burnings and hit squads to go around erasing all traces of earlier Trek - the past is safe and secure.
Back to the roots, backed off from the glitter and gleam, same with Casino Royale.
Casino Royale turned up the glitter and gleam in other respects: the 'gritty realism', Bond's military martial arts and espionage, etc. Stuff that was missing from the older films, which had an altogether different kind of glitz and glamour.

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