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First of all, I'm much calmer than I was yesterday. Star Trek Is different from Batman, it isn't literary based, it's media based. TOS, STNG, DS9, Voyager, the films, and to some degree, Enterprise are it's history. We've gone from point A with TOS to point B with Enterprise and the STNG films, without changing any major historical events or any ship designs of the past. This new film is throwing all of that continuity away by changing the design of the Enterprise NCC-1701, radically away from what has already been well established, that it is supposed to look like. I.E.: A Constitution class ship is no longer canon, continuity has ended. A new continuity has been created, and everything we know about what occured during the original five year mission, and what happened in the lives of the TOS characters has been wiped from existance, like the minds of ordinary citizens who see an alien in "Men In Black". That's what bothers me. It bothers me much more than the fact that the new ship design looks like it's made from glued together bathroom fixtures.
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