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Post Hope for those with none. (Re: New E)

For those who need it:

I am a huge Batman fan, have been reading the comics for well over 15 years and have a giant collection of back issues from Kane to Miller to now current running issues. I own every movie and the collectors box of each so you can imagine how important Batman Begins was to me.

When I first saw the new Batmobile I didn't know what to think. Unlike the new Enterprise this thing was a complete redesign of the original. The only similarity it held was that it was black. (And it wasn't even the same black.) I was lost for words. How could Nolan do this?

Then I saw and heard (and felt) it in action. And I will never look at the original design in the same way. The tumbler is the meanest, most badass batmobile in the history of the Batman franchise.

Why this extended analogy??? Because I want everyone to have faith. Mine was shattered when I first saw the still image of the Tumbler. But I was wrong to judge.

This is what I want to inspire. Have faith in this: When you see the new Enterprise in action, and I can gaurantee that this Enterprise will deliver more action than ever, you will be blown away and you will rate it equal to, if not more highly than the original and beloved TOS Enterprise.

And its not even THAT different.

Do not boycott this movie on the grounds of one image. Please, have faith. Stay true to Trek.
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