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I just like that he commented on what he thought of the new 1701, after having seen it last year.

It seems that most on this forum site don't like it, which is fine and well. But they make it sound like they are "owed" their 1701 from TOS.

Here is a person who by all means can be considered a "canonite", giving his approval of the new ship. He's not dissecting every last detail of it in disgust.

Great line..."JJ owes them nothing". Hopefully all those who are so turned off by the new 1701 read his quote....but I fear as T'Aerwynd said, it will probably fall on deaf ears.

You people have ruined "Star Trek The Next Generation" for me. You are absolutely the most insufferable group of jackasses I have ever had the misfortune of spending an extended period of time with. I hope you all f@*#! die. - Stewie after spending the day with the TNG cast.
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