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Well said Gary seven

This was always going to be a very difficult task. These are characters that people have loved for over 40 years with the same people playing them for all of that time.

I must admit that im sad to read issues about 'it not being the same' although i do recognise that people are entitled to vent their feelings. some of it is over the top in my opinion. The point is that Star Trek cant stay the same or else it dies. Its as simple as that. I dont think the changes are too drastic from what ive seen but ultimately we have to judge this when the film comes out. we cannot pass judgement until then.

we have those wonderful 79 TOS episodes forever and nothing will change that. The actors who played those parts are now too old but now we have a chance to boldy go where no MAN has gone before - again - if we at least try to embrace them. If its done right, seeing these characters re born and young again will be thrilling.

JJ is trying to relaunch Trek as its currently on its knees. he has to be bold in some respects. Im so excited about this movie. I want younger generations to see Kir, Spock and mcCoy etc saving the universe again and in some way enjoy what we enjoyed. this is only going to create brand new interest in TOS and that can only be a good thing.

as Bones said in Trek 5 ' try to be open about this'.

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