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No doubt the naysayers will be in line (wearing trenchcoats and sunglasses) to see this movie. If only to see if they're were right. Then magically they'll cross over. Folks don't understand this movie is a: win/win. For all intents and purposes the franchise was dead. The mainstream argued NCC1701 should sit idle for several years before any attempt of a cold engine restart.

Enter J.J. and his bold vision of Trek. We need something bold and provocative. A Star Trek for today..not yesterday. I can appreciate the concerns of the ST purists but J.J. owes them nothing. This is his Trek and he's running with it. And, it's time for most of us to let things go. I've read topics where posters wondered if a minor character or circumstance would be included in the new film. This is a new Trek for a new day.

I'm 50 years old and have been a Trek fan from the start. That doesn't make me better than anyone else. But with this movie I've learned to let go. Star Trek must evolve, it must go beyond traditional while retaining something of it as a basepoint. J.J. won't let us down.

Damage75, thanks for posting James Cawley's article. Very insightful.
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