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Batman isn't Trek. I am Not a purist nor "canonite". I really enjoyed ENT and the new look for Star Trek, even though it was NOT like TOS. I don't even give the different bridge styles a second thought from one movie to another. Most of those details are minor in my opinion and not worth much to complain about. This new movie, so far based on the photos, does more than just reinterpret an already known universe. I think the new Enterprise looks fine, except for the placement of the neck connection (looks ugly). I don't like the look of the glass and lights new bridge either, but i am a Trek fan and really want to see a good Trek story. i enjoy ship battles and explosions as much as anyone else, but the overall story is more important. I will gag a bit when I see the new E and bridge, but I will look past it and jugde it based on the new Movie being "based" on Trek.
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