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Yes it is sad that the very people who are criticising this film even before it comes out are supposedly the 'purists' amongst us, but in actual fact they do not have anything in common with anything Star Trek stood for!!!
An open mind for one thing!!

They wouldnt know Boldly Going if it ran them over , reversed and then ran them over again just to make sure!!!

Reading some of these posts makes me ashamed to be a Star Trek fan to be honest. These so called fans are quite happy for Star Trek to be the butt of jokes and comedy for ever and ever and someone comes along who wants to turn Star Trek into something we can be proud of and they slag them off using sometimes very strong unnecessary language.

Yes not everyone will like everything , but the arguments against this new version are frankly rubbish and generally fall into the 'its not the same as the TOS so I dont like it' camp.

Gene Rodenberry would have loved it because he would have said 'wow look what youve done its fantastic, I wish I could have done that .'
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