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Originally Posted by buffs79 View Post
I'd have gone to the end of the Bajoran Wormhole.
Tis' closer.
Actually, it's believed to have been roughly the same distance due to how deeply the Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant and how deeply in the Gamma Quadrant the Bajoran Wormhole ended.

Personally, what I would have done with VOYwas lose the whole "lost in space" idea. Space is big enough that it really wasn't necessary to strand the ship 70-75 years from home. The ship could have been on a deep-space mission at the farthest edge of Federation space in the Alpha Quadrant when the series started--close enough that they would still be in communications contact with the Federation, but too far away to return home to be of any timely help during the Dominion War.

Rather than the Maquis, I would have a few Federation colonists join the Voyager crew after an initial crisis thinned the ship's ranks in the pilot. The biggest problem many of these new recruits would have is their unfamiliarity with "the Starfleet way" as many grew up on frontier worlds that more closely resembled the 20th-Century than the 24th-Century.

The Klingons and the Gorn would each have a settlement near this distant part of the Federation frontier, but the main villain would be a new adversary that uses a never before encountered organic-based technology to counter (if not defeat) most of the Voyager's Federation tech...
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